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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

­čŹć✊­čĺŽ My ╩őirus recorded you M╔ůSTURBATING!

Confidential message for:

Recently you visited one of the porn websites I attacked with my Xplo─▒t.
When you started watching videos it executed payload on your device and
installed a ╩őirus I developed.

As soon as I ╬»╔│fected your ╔Śev╬»ce, it started to act like a remote
desktop with full read/write access.
I gained access to your files, your email, contact lists and most
importantly - your camera!

My ╩őirus started recording your web browser and your camera every time you
╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒ted during last 2 weeks.
While my ╩őirus is not perfect it managed to record 6 videos clearly showing
you ╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒ting..

Call me whatever you want, a criminal or a dick, but this is just my job.
I do this on regular basis and I recorded hundreds of people, but you are
Why? Because of the aberrant and perverse videos you were watching while
╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒ting - you know what I mean!

Now I am your master, and you are my slave..

Let me ask you a question.

How would you feel if I upload to pornhub all the videos with you
╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒ting and send the links to everyone on your contact lists -
including your family and business partners?

You don't want me to do this, right ?

There is only one way you can stop me from exposing your fantasies. You have
to p╬▒y.

Let me be straightforward with you.

You know what Bitcoin is, right?
Buy 2,000 USD worth of Bitcoin and send it to me immediately.

You can buy Bitcoin in many places like Coinbase, CoinMama, Binance..
Google for 'how to buy cryptocurrencies'. You can use your credit card or
bank transfer.

I am giving you 3 days to complete this payment, after which I will start
uploading and sending your ╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒tion videos.
Just imagine your family and collegues reaction to those videos ­čĄú

Save your life now!
Transaction details are below:

Send ex╬▒ctly 0.200815 BTC

to this Bitcoin address:


Copy the address, it's case sensitive.

2,000 USD = 0.200815 BTC

Make sure to send exactly 0.200815 BTC to the address above so I know the
payment is coming from you.

As soon as you p╬▒y I will deactivate the ╩őirus and delete the compromising
videos, I will not bother you again. I promise.

But what if you do not pay?

Well, running anti╩őirus software will NOT help you.
I already downloaded your contact lists, browsing history and your
╔▒╬▒stu┼Śb╬▒tion videos.
You can be sure that I will use this material if I do not receive a payment
from you.
It will be fun to watch!

Now move your ass and send the Bitcoin payment to me.

If you need more time - just continue buying Bitcoin and sending
Remember I have full access to your device and I am watching you!

The Virus Developer

Oh.. One more thing. Do NOT contact police - as soon as you do, I will
immediately release the videos.
You will be fucked and they will not find me - I know what I am doing.

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