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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Got Capital Gains? Part 2

Got Capital Gains? - Part 2

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Got Capital Gains?

Learn how to:
Defer Capital Gains Tax on ANY Investment/Business/Real Estate Sale

Good Morning -

First, let me say Thank You  for your continued interest in  Opportunity Zone Fund & 1031 Real Estate Exchange Strategies.

If you're like most of us, you're probably interested in Saving or Deferring Taxes whenever possible.

Section 1400Z of The Tax Cut & Jobs Act of 2017 will allow anyone to defer Capital Gains Tax on the sale of any appreciated asset until December 31, 2026.

Don't get me wrong. I believe that any Tax Deferral is a beautiful thing.

But the real beauty with Opportunity  Zones is the completely Tax Free Distribution of Sale Proceeds when the properties within the Opportunity Zone are Sold. Check this out:


An Opportunity Zone Recap-

In a nutshell the Act allows for a taxpayer to sell any property or highly appreciated asset, like the sale of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investment or residential real estate, or a business and invest any portion of that capital gain into a Qualified Opportunity Fund (only an amount equal to the capital gain gets reinvested into the Opportunity Fund freeing up the balance of the sale proceeds). And by doing such, the taxpayer postpones the federal taxes on their original capital gain until the end of 2026.

AND they can also reduce the taxable portion of the original capital gains by as much as 15 percent, after seven years.

But wait there's more... investors can eliminate taxes on all capital gains on the eventual sale of the Opportunity Fund itself, if they hold that investment for 10 years.

Remember: Only the Capital Gain portion needs to be reinvested in the Opportunity Fund. The balance of the sale proceeds are not taxed and the investor can do whatever he/she pleases with those proceeds.

Click Here for Opportunity Zone Fund Rules, Regulations and Timelines

Don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your Questions/Concerns/Interest in Opportunity Zones. I'm happy to discuss & share with you details on curretly approved Opportunity Zone Fund Offerings.

Call or email me :


PS- Contact me directly for answers to Opportunity Fund Questions & to check on availability of Opprtunity Zone Investments.


PPS- If you've got a 1031 Replacement Property need we can Help.

Since 1999, I've specialized in the 1031 Real Estate Exchange Market utilizing both Single Tenant Triple Net Lease (NNN) & Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) as qualifying Replacement Properties. Our reach on the NNN side is nationwide, primarily Single Tenant Retail with strong credit tenants with long term leases. We are currently reviewing some 48 different DST offerings representing all real estate classes & levered as well as all cash offerings.

Click Here for 1031 Rules, Regulations and Timelines

Looking forward to assisting you with your 1031 Exchange needs,



Steven Arnold
Senior Investment Consultant

Emerson Equity LLC
9699 Bay Harbor Circle Suite 203
Fort Myers, FL 33919

P: 239-898-8918



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