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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Things that Surprisingly Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

Great and useful article recently published to the LVRJ regarding misconceptions concerning what's really affecting your credit score.

The 5 factors that are said to NOT have an impact on your credit standing include:
  1. Interest rates
  2. Credit counseling
  3. Soft credit inquiries
  4. Income
  5. Payments plans
For details, check out our CGroup News page here:


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Freddie Mac Research Shows Many U.S. Renters Still Dream of Homeownership, but Some Prefer to Rent

Great Freddie Mac article on current trends and viewpoints among U.S. renters:
The majority of U.S. renters are struggling financially and plan to remain renters for the next three years, according to recent Freddie Mac survey data. However, the recent financial crisis did not tarnish renters' dreams of homeownership with 91% of them viewing homeownership as something of which to be proud. 
"It's no secret that for the last several years, consumers have felt more strapped financially, particularly renters," said David Brickman, executive vice president of Freddie Mac Multifamily. "Many renters are not buying homes because of a perceived lack of ability to afford the down payment or mortgage and poor credit history. But there also is a segment of renters who simply do not want the responsibilities of owning a home." Freddie Mac commissioned Harris Poll to survey more than 2,000 U.S. adults online in August 2014 to get their perceptions about renting in the post financial crisis marketplace. A presentation on the research results is available here. 
  • The majority of renters say they tend to live paycheck to paycheck. 45% of renters say they have just enough money to get by, and 17% say they do not have enough money for basics, like food and housing until the next payday. In comparison, only 38% of homeowners indicate a similar financial hardship.
  • 61% of renters believe they will continue to rent in the next three years, despite 91% of them viewing homeownership as something of which to be proud. While 39% of all renters say they expect to purchase a home in the next three years, the remainder plan to continue to rent. Those most likely to buy a home in the next three years are from ages 25-44.
  • Younger adults are more inclined toward buying a home than older ones. For example, 47% of renters aged 25-34 and 58% of renters aged 35-44 responded that they will purchase a home in three years, compared to 27% for people age 45-64. In addition, if a renter hasn't owned a home by age 45, then chances are they will continue to rent throughout their lifetime.
  • According to renters, the top three favorable factors about renting are:
    • Provides freedom from home maintenance responsibilities (78% strongly or somewhat agreed)
    • Allows more flexibility over where you live (68% strongly or somewhat agreed)
    • Protects against home price declines (66% strongly or somewhat agreed)
  • According to renters, the top three favorable factors about homeownership are:
    • Something of which to be proud (91% strongly or somewhat agreed
    • Can be passed on to your children (90% strongly or somewhat agreed)
    • Allows more flexibility to design it the way you want (89% strongly or somewhat agreed)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Las Vegas Home Prices Tick up 1.1 Percent

According to the latest housing news from GLVAR, Las Vegas home prices posted a small bounce in November. The median price of a single-family home jumped to $202,000, up 1.1 percent from $199,900 in October.  This median price is based on the November sale of 2,483 units through the MLS, with overall closings down 13.2 percent from October.

Although Realtors are currently selling fewer homes, the listings that do close are going for more money. With the current sales pace, the local market has a four-month supply of homes for sale (versus a standard six-month supply for typical balanced markets).

Heidi Kasama, GLVAR Association President stated, "Our local housing market has been fairly stable this year. Unless something dramatic happens in the coming, months, we expect to see more of the same in 2015."


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Search Thousands of Homes via Custom RE/MAX App

Searching for a home? Now you can map search thousands of Las Vegas and Henderson homes right from your phone or tablet with the amazing RE/MAX app!

Download the app here:

Use "scunningham" as your personal access key. You can ask questions to Shawn directly from inside the app.

Great Features:
- Real time listing information
- Interactive maps (see what's for sale around you)
- Instantly share with friends, family - or your agent
- Connect directly with your RE/MAX CGroup agent

Contact if you need assistance installing or navigating the app!