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Friday, April 18, 2014

Maintain Your Home Value: 3 Affordable Upgrades

Don't be the neighborhood slacker! If your property pales in comparison to those around it, there is no doubt it will hinder the home's "rentability" and overall value when it's time to sell. It's important to stay aware of your home's upkeep over time, and to establish fixes for any quirks that fall beneath the neighborhood norm. CNN Money suggests three small-scale upgrades that are both affordable and appealing to buyers in today's market, with each at an expected cost of less than $5,000.
  • Expand your closets - Small, one-rod closets are a big turnoff for potential buyers or renters. By installing organization systems using rods, shelves, baskets, and other tools, you can get more out of your closet space and create some appealing storage alternatives.
  • Open up the kitchen - For many home shoppers, the kitchen area is especially important - and no one wants their heavy-traffic kitchen to feel small and closed off. Start with new countertops or appliances and see what your kitchen needs from there.
  • Get your laundry out of the basement - Aside from very old homes, few others (if any) in Southern Nevada should still have this issue. But if your investment happens to be one of them, then it's past due time to move that laundry area to a more convenient space.

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