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Monday, February 3, 2014

Move Out Walkthroughs

One of our most important roles is handling move-out inspections once our residents vacate our managed rental properties. The process is much more complex than you might think. Obviously we have a high standard on the way the properties should be left and we always verify that the tenants have done a good detail job cleaning the property, cleaned the carpets, and fix any other damages or landscaping issues. Yet, we still have to do other things like verify utilities have been paid, make sure the appliances left in the house are the same ones we gave them (yeah sometimes they get switched out), and look for maintenance issues that might not be tenant caused. Sometimes we find water damage that needs repair or showers and tile that need grouting or caulking. A move out walkthrough is not just checking for security deposit issues, it's also doing a good housekeeping check on our clients' investments. Avoiding regular maintenance items like caulking and grouting showers can lead to thousands in costly repairs later if there is a breach of water into the surrounding drywall.

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