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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Now is the Best Time to Invest in Las Vegas

Here are few reasons why NOW is the best time to invest in Las Vegas real estate:
  1. Did you know that traditionally December is the best month to invest in real estate? Home prices typically are lowest during the holiday season (because of fewer buyers competing in the market). More folks are on vacations or planning holidays or out shopping for gifts than buying homes. This gives you as an investor a unique opportunity to try to get better deals from eager sellers. The best time to invest is when competition is less.
  2. Need a tax write-off? Now might be a good time to considering making an investment purchase before the end of the year rolls around. Talk to your CPA about the benefits of investing in real estate to lessen your tax burden.
  3. Did you know that interest rates are hovering around 4.0% right now? Those of you who have invested and leveraged real estate in the past know that these rates are near historic lows. They obviously will not last forever. It's rarely been cheaper to finance an investment property. Don't kick yourself later when rates rise back up above 5%. There is a huge difference between a 4% rate and a 5%+ rate.
Our team is constantly looking at properties, in all locations, in all price points for our investors. Contact me today if you're ready to talk about purchasing a home and we can tailor a search to match your criteria.

Have a great holiday week!

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