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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mortgage Rates Holding Under 4 Percent

Great news for those still hoping to buy in today's housing market.  These incredible mortgage rates won't last forever so try and look into it while you still can!

From the article:
Mortgage rates returned to levels best characterized as "under 4 percent" today after drifting higher on Friday.  Last Wednesday was the first foray into the "high 3's" in more than 16 months.  Not every scenario will be seeing those high 3's today, but for top tier borrowers, 3.875% is slightly more prevalent today when it comes to conforming 30yr fixed rate quotes.  4.0% is a close runner-up, but 3.75% may be a viable option for borrowers interested in paying higher upfront costs. 
Today's modest recovery suggests that we're in the midst of a few days of limbo relative to the bigger picture.  Historically, after a big swing down in rate followed by a big snap back (like that seen last week) there has been a time frame of a few days or even a few weeks of comparatively smaller changes before rates embark on their next noticeable move.  That means that long-term optimists can keep hope alive for further gains, but also that there's a risk they won't materialize.  In any event, it won't be long before we know one way or the other.  
It also means that both locking and floating can be justified at the moment, and neither is necessarily a bad choice.  It's worth noting, however, that today's rates are right in line with the second best day in over 16 months.  If you missed out on last week's sub 4% rates, here they are again.

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